Every couple has a story to tell.

We know that you are passionate about each other, and we are passionate about telling your story in a film. We focus on those who are not afraid of love, those who don’t care if the world is watching, they will still dance in the rain, those who want to write their story and Tell it to their grandchildren.

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Before you BEGIN, please put on the headphones.
Music is such a huge part in our films and it wouldn't be the same experience without listening. 


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A Love Story is an unique take on engagement sessions. We capture an engagement session of you doing what you love to do together. It's a perfect way for your guests to hear your story, and see your passions and love for each other played out on screen. Watch samples below.


Daniel & Stephanie’s Lovestory in Cloudcroft, NM

Jack & Jenny’s Lovestory in Austin, TX



We know that every couple is unique so every wedding film that we create is different. We don't follow a specific structure, we focus on capturing real moments and special details throughout the day to help tell your story. Watch samples below.


Crockett & Rachel’s Wedding

Margaret & Ryan’s Wedding



You know you don't want to wait to share your big day with everyone so we create a 30+ second teaser in a vertical format for your instastories + horizontal format delivered to you within 48 hours so you can share it. Watch samples below.




Take your engagement session to the
next level with a love story film.

• 2+ min Cinematic Film
• 25 digital images
• Cinematic Soundtrack
• 2 Hours of Coverage



This is a cinematic highlight of your wedding.

• 5+ min Cinematic Film
• Cinematic Soundtrack
• 5 Hours of Coverage




You don't have to wait weeks to share
your special day with everyone.

• 45+ sec Vertical Trailer
• 45+ sec Horizontal Trailer
• Cinematic Soundtrack
• Delivered digitally within 48 hrs




The Director's Cut includes a longer version of the ceremony and the toasts in the Short Film, all of our collections from above, and an additional 3 Hours of coverage during the wedding.

• 15+ min Cinematic Film
• Love Story + Short Film + Social Media Edit
• Cinematic Soundtrack
• 10 Hours of Coverage (2Hrs of Love Story, 8 Hrs of Wedding)




Additional Coverage Hours  $200
Additional Cinematographer  $300
 Aerial Footage - Weather & Location Permitting (Available for 2019 Weddings)  $250

*The Short Film and Director's Cut include all of the raw, uncut footage and raw audio of the whole day on a hard drive.


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It would be our greatest pleasure to get to know you better and capture your moments, your thoughts, your expressions, your love and the relationships that you have. We want to be the ones to capture the greatest day of your life so you can forever look back on it and relive the excitement you had.

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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
— Lao Tzu